Thursday, 26 December 2013


Hi I'm back.
Assalamualaikum :)

What is this?
No one never know!
I do love them!

AJK family have
1) Hazril
2) saiful
3) hisam
4) Anna
5) raja
6) azza
7) me :)

Hehe! I hope our friendship till whenever
Although got haters(?) 
But I don't care
Awat kau nak jealous dengan kitorang
You have your life, take care of it
We take care ourselves
You mind your business.

Okay lemme share with you our pictures!

The venue at FRIM
The date I don't remember. But remember its happened on Saturday

 I think I love this pictures. 

Omg I don't know why. The pictures , as you can see the colorful loathes with bright smile!
Allah, rahmatilah mereka. Amin :)

Okay another one 

 This one is besides the lake. Is it a lake? Ugh what ever. I don't care.

HAHAAHA. I love this pictures. But why my face. Euww! I don't like me in tis picture. Ugliest T T
But them, look so cool!

We spend our day at FRIM with laughter. 

I'm gonna miss this moments!
I love you ajk family!
Thanks for supporting me at the back!
Love you dear! <3333

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