Friday, 8 February 2013


Hai! And again talk about this :)

Okay on second day, it held at same place SEPANG :) but today, the MCs it's not Nicole and Yonghwa. But MCs for second is Hongki FT ISLAND and Disom SISTAR. :) the great pair I guess. I don't know because I not attended that ceremony. Sorry! ;)

Okay! It's started with the red carpet! Then goes to the ceremony! Hehe, okay the first arrived in red carpet is The Gorgeous Ailee . She wore the black dress . But it's too pretty. After that BAP with a simple but nice suit :) love it! Then, TEEN TOP with a red suits. Then K.WILL with a black suits . MISS A the gorgeous with a short dress . The colored is black :) Suzy too tall. And I was jealous with her! Omg! Haha, okay , with T -ARA with a black purple dress! Also SECRET with a purple dress! And F(x) with a black coloured dress ;) hehee! SISTAR with the cream coloured dress! And on the red carpet they showed their legs. Sexy and hot ;) after that EPIK HIGH! With a simple but awesome! Hehe. I love them! Finally, seseorang yang di tunggu tunggu oleh orang ramai and kpopers! GDRAGON with LEE HI.

GDRAGON dengan Gaya rambut baru iaitu warna putih and hitam. Dan lee hi memakai dress yang sexy but gorgeous! Hehe, mereka berdua pair untuk red carpet tersebut. Banyak mata Melihat mereka. Tetapi Ada jugak yang terkejut. And I felt too! But I don't care. As long as gd keluar untuk red carpet. Itu yang membanggakan ! Hehee!

Okay pada malam nya, sangat meriah! Bigbang owns three awards! And GD sons two awards! I'm so happy that night! And furthermore rip for second day is YG day! Because YGstan won 9 awards! Bigbang, GDRAGON , 2EN1, epik high and Lee Hi ! Ommo! I'm so happy! That's the moments I waited a long time. The glory of YG Stan! Hehe! That's too cool right??

Okay I think I'm just gonna update until here. Maybe next time, I will update a new thing! Okay? :) hehe.
Okay, beside that, it's the picture of GDA second DAY ! Enjoy it okay!

Picture 1 : AILEE

Picture 2 :BAP

Picture 3 :TEEN TOP

Picture 4 :K.WILL

Picture 5 :MISS A

Picture 6 :T-ARA

Picture 7 : SECRET

Picture 8 :F(X)

Picture 9 : SISTAR

Picture 10 : EPIK HIGH

Picture 11 :GD AND LEE HI

Credit to the owner :)