Tuesday, 1 January 2013


Hi! Assalamualaikum :) lama tak jumpa :) btw! I wanna wish you happy new year! And may Allah Ease everything. Ameen ;) have a Blast guys! ;)

Okay, today I wanna talk about new Kpop group I minat you alls! Hehehe, that's called '' 2pm'' hehe! I falling love with them now! Haha! So how about bigbang? Emm! I still in love with my boys okay! But in this time, 2pm also in my heart! Hehe!

Start minat 2pm nie sejak form4 but tak sangat. Minat pun sebab Ina , amar and Syafiq minat. Mau tak minat, hari hari asyik dengar lagu HeartBeat, HandsUp and Cabi Song :) but I like most is Cabi Song! It's feat with SNSD.

Cabi Song tuh I minat sebab semua group 2PM tayang badan weh. Nampak abs diorang! Gila hot! I love it you alls! And Taecyon was hottest rather the rest! Hehehe! Sejak daripada situ , I pun mempunyai minat terhadap diri nya. And I start to google about him! All his pictures I have! Also 2PM pictures! Hehehe! I love it much!

Okay now, nak cerita lagu yang 2PM ada dalam phone, I ada lagu HeartBeat, HandsUp itu je. Hehe, but I wanna download all 2PMs songs! Hehe. Jangan jealous :) hahaha!

Okay later I update again about them
Lots of love honey !
Muahhh! ;)
Your sincerely,
Nur Liyana!

Assalamualaikum ;)

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